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How to Lose Back Fat is Ridiculously Simple and Complicated at the Same Time…

But Don’t Worry We’ve Got Your Back!

How do I lose back fat?” We get this question all the time. We don’t pull any punches. We tell the truth. We’re not going to sell How to lose back fatyou miracle pills or some stupid eBook that promises you’ll lose back fat in 20 minutes. We’re also not going to sell you some crazy fitness device with straps, springs, small motors… Nope! What we are going to do is tell you how to get rid of fat. Period!

The most obvious areas where back fat is the most noticeable is the upper back area and the lower back area just above the waist line. Bra bulge, muffin top, spare tire, love handles… call it what you want. Just call it for what it is… UGLY!

The Bra Bulge and the Muffin Top

The upper back fat is responsible for the dreaded “bra bulge”. This is the fat that bulges around the bra and can be very noticeable when wearing any type of tight-fitting top.

Lower back  fat is the culprit behind the equally despised “muffin top“… that fat that bulges and rolls out over the waist line. Both the bra bulge and muffin top are among the most targeted fat-loss areas of the female body. This is not to say that men don’t have fat in these areas as well. They do. They just call it different names… spare tire, beer belly, love handles.

But for women, and specifically because of the female wardrobe, these problem areas become a much larger issue (larger.. as in fat.). (Men… if anyone ever says that you’ve got a muffin top going on, you need to seriously change what clothes you’re wearing.)

Back fat belongs to the body not the backHow to Lose Back Fat – The Myth of Spot Reduction

When most people think about back fat, they are thinking in terms of the fat “belonging” to the back. In other words, they are thinking that the fat is part of the back muscle and therefore, to lose the back fat, they must workout the back muscles.

This is partly true. Fat does not “belong” to the back. Fat belongs to the body, not specific parts of the body. “Spot reduction”, or trying to lose fat in specific areas, is not the way to go. This does not mean however, that building up the muscle in these trouble areas is not a good idea. It certainly is. But understanding that fat is an attribute of the body as a whole, is absolutely essential in understanding how to lose back fat.

Are You Just One Infomercial Away From Looking Fabulous?To lose back fat don't believe everything you hear

TV products would suggest otherwise. They promise fat will disappear from specific areas of the body by using their device. “Buy the Ab Shredder and Lose Belly Fat Fast!” Of course they tell you that. They have to sell Ab Shredders. They make no money by telling you that fat is lost through a combination of diet and exercise. “Lifestyle change” doesn’t make the phone ring.

The truth about how to lose back fat, and arm fat, and leg fat, and belly fat, and butt fat, and so on, is that you need to put your body in a position to lose fat… period. This means what you put in your mouth and how many calories you are burning. How much water you are drinking and sleep you are getting.

The secret to fat loss is not really a secret at all -but it is a secret because most people don’t do it. It’s about consuming quality, healthy food, avoiding processed food and sugar, and of course, exercising. When you put your body in a position to lose fat… it will.

Some Basic Principles of Fat Loss

Change your diet to lose back fat1. Change Your Diet

I know, I know… you’ve heard it before. But diet is the number one determining factor that will dictate if a person is at an ideal weight or overweight. Here are a few quick tips on how to change your diet in order to lose fat… including losing back fat.

  • Stop “bored eating” or “distracted eating”. Pay attention to when and what you are eating and try not to eat because you’re bored or distracted.
  • Limit portion sizes. Split meals with your spouse of friend at restaurants. If snacking on potato chips for example, put some chips in a bowl. Do not eat chips from the bag because you will eat far more than if you put a small serving in a bowl.
  • Watch your fat intake. Avoid sugars and try and increase healthy fats like avocados and berries.
  • Avoid high calorie soft drinks like the plague. Soft drinks are one of the biggest contributors of obesity in the world.
  • Eat water-rich, raw, dark-green, leafy vegetables. These are the healthiest foods in the world and are exceptional for anyone trying to lose weight. Broccoli, spinach, celery, Bok Choy, Asparagus… all of these and more are not only life-extending foods but perfect foods for those trying to shed fat.

2. Exercise

  • Increase cardiovascular exercise to burn calories and improve stamina and endurance. Walking, jogging, swimming,Exercise to Lose Back Fat cycling… anything that speeds up the heart-rate and causes you to perspire is burning fat.
  • Strength training. If you want to REALLY burn fat, increase the size of your muscle. Muscle is the best fat burning substance on the planet. The stronger your muscles, the more fat they will consume.
  • Target exercises. Build the muscle around the “problem areas” of your body and when you lose the fat, the excess skin will be replace by attractive, lean muscle.

Out with the Back Fat. In with the Muscle.

Lose back fat and replace with muscleBut what happens when you lose a lot of body fat and yet there’s still “flabbiness” in certain areas, like your back? This is when targeting specific areas with specialized exercise can help.

Typically what happens is when people lose a lot of fat, the stretched skin will have a “flabby” appearance. It’s not fat but loose skin that appears to be fat. This is why it is critical to start growing the muscle in these problem areas. As it grows and firms, the muscle will begin to “fill out” the loose skin and stretch the skin tighter. This will create a toned, more muscular look and the “back fat” will exist no longer.

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There are target exercises that will help to accomplish this. And, you  don’t need to join a gym or buy expensive equipment to achieve your goals.

So let’s review.

Fat does not belong to the back. Fat belongs to the body.

Back exercises will not necessarily burn the fat on the back. Through a combination of diet and exercise, your body will start burning body fat, including back fat.

When your body loses the fat, building muscle in the back will “fill out” the loose skin so that a lean, muscular back with tight skin and definition will be the end result.

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